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February 1982

--From the President

Well…. It's about time eh?.. We've been in office for what, now, three months? Actually a bit more but with Royal Commissions, re-organizing, T.D. etc, we feel ready, at last, to begin with the Newsletters.

First, I should introduce your new executive and cttee-persons for 1981-82. They are:

President: Moe Lambert

1st V.P.: Shirley Gillette

2nd V.P.: Claire Hebert

Secretary: Rose Blackmore

Treasurer: Roger Banville

Chief Steward: Al Hardy

F.S.D.: Howard Bigney

Bargaining: Al Mclean

Political Action: Chas Hall

Editor (PR): Joe Noonan

Health & Safety: Ted Parker

There are other ad hoc cttees being formed as well, e.g. by-laws, appraisal system (yes again), RCCFS and the diplo status meetings, the French translation of our by-laws and many more. It is my sincere hope to involve as many of you as possible in your local's affairs. By doing so, more will be active in single projects leaving more time for all to spend with family and on personal affairs. The idea that all should be done by a few is a rotten one and many do not wish to be involved again simply because they feel it takes up too much needed time. If we all pitch in just a bit, taking on one project only, we'll all have less work to do and will have the best run and representative Local around. This would go a long way towards giving some form of continuity to our affairs as well. Please help us to help you by serving. My aim would be at least five members to every committee, team, ad hoc cttee or whatever. Many of the topics given us by our members (listed elsewhere in this newsletter) will require a great deal of study. That takes person-power. You who are abroad can serve as well with your ideas and even with research for the home cttee. We're going to do our best. Please help us as much as you can.

I want to emphasize one very important thing in that respect. If you are asked your opinion and choose to abstain, then it will be taken as just that. The majority will rule…even if that happens to be a half dozen people. We hope you will write us about the RCCFS as well as the other subjects people here at home have pointed out need looking into. We will not wave a survey or action on a given subject because you failed to respond. Our action will be based on the majority of those we hear from. In other words treated in the same way as a motion at a meeting of the Local. You have a right to be heard. If you choose not to use it, that's your business. Those who exercise that right will be heard and action will be taken.

If you have problems of any kind you think need looking into, write and I'll see it gets looked into. To that end we hope to begin a new system to let you know we got your mail. A form of post-card acknowledging receipt and telling you who will be actioning it. In some cases that will be obvious (i.e. grievances). You might do better in such cases to send your letter directly to the person responsible, who will, hopefully, acknowledge receipt.

There are, of course, many areas needing continuous attention by the Local and others which will be one shot deals. We hope to set up priorities and insist that future executives understand that continuity must/must be protected on some issues in the best interests of all of our members.

Given the encouragement by those who have already offered to work for our Local, with the results of the RCCFS in hand and your help, we should have a very busy, productive year ahead of us.

Happy New Year one and all.

Thank you.

(sgd) Moe


Items marked with (#) indicate possible contract issues.

-(#) Workload at posts: statement by Department on average maximum workload CMs should handle before: (1) accepting other duties and (2) requesting or beginning process to increase number of CMs at Post (guidelines for CMs abroad).

-(#) TD: Ottawa: limit tours on special jobs to same length as box (we've been told this should be 18 months maximum). Person must then be replaced, no ifs ands or buts about it.

- TD abroad;

- Proper typing chairs.

- stove, pots and pans, paint, furniture in lunch room (possible grievance on poor conditions of facilities).

-(#) contact should be made with other CMs in other Depts now, before negotiations start, so we can make feelings known to CMs and not to someone representing them.

-(#) get rid of quote endeavors unquote in contract re back-pay and overtime payments. We're always waiting until the last minute for payments.

-(#) overtime should be paid in subsequent pay period (i.e. March o/t would be paid in April etc.)

-(#) acting pay: should be paid at the same rate as it would have been paid had someone from the next lower level and highest pay increment been promoted into the position being filled (e.g. a CM filling an acting CM7 position would be paid at the same rate as a CM6 top level promoted to CM7) not just one increment higher than your present salary.

- classification study of entire ACT/ACTC set-up with view to determining exactly what group levels should be. (We might even hope to determine whether or not reclassification to another occupational group might not better serve both the Department and ourselves). This will have to be dealt with as a classification grievance(s), as it has been left too long now with little or no apparent interest being demonstrated by management.

- complaint to be lodged by Local re non-compliance with letter of intent in contract and further letter from APRS Division re technological changes, new eqpt, and regulations affecting CMs being introduced without any sort of consultation with Local.

- infantile rules and regulations (outdated because of technological change and/or increase overall education level of CMs) in ACTC must be changed. (Adult-to-adult attitudes mentioned in RCCFS must be sought here).

-(#) ability of stewards and union reps to communicate by svc/wire with members abroad in cases involving representation, without absolute approval in each and every instance. (Attitude too closely associated with above, again, RCCFS adult-to-adult attitudes must be sought after).

-(#) more training and information on new equipment and technological changes required.

- establish ongoing priorities for all executives of Local, so that some form of continuity of effort can be protected.

- work towards two-person posts at all posts to do away with discriminatory situation regarding leave, etc. for CMs abroad vis-à-vis CR, SCY and FSs.

- more newsletters from Local. (This requires person-power).

- joint FSD courses/seminars, PSAC/Management joint effort, given possibly at lunch hour seminars. (This would go along with RCCFS).

- poor state of equipment in Ott. Tech staff should be required to do more preventative maintenance, i.e. fix things before they literally fall apart.

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