CID 610



I remember these from my old army days...we had a room full of them in the back of the tape relay centre in CFB Ottawa (N), as well as using them in many other locals during my short but distinguished (sic) career. The key was set on a thin metal plate which had a number of sliding pins in vertical slots with this little plastic setting tool, then you tightened the plate once completed so the pins did not shift by a couple of flat metal screw-in knobs on the face of the plate. By opening the door in the front of the CID 610 you then pulled out a small metal rack, effectively zeroizing the previous key setting, and put the new key onto the rack, slid the rack in, and lifted the whole plate out carefully at a 45 degree angle. Lock 'er up, flip the switch from PL to CY and you're in business.

This machine is on display at the Communications and Electronics Museum in Kingston, Ontario. (Photo by Jerry Proc)

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